Makerspace &company workshop venue celebrates their one-year anniversary

When Anna Lise De Lorenzo opened up Makerspace &company a year ago, she created a unique workspace run by both regular staff and passionate volunteers. Makerspace is for for designers and makers alike.

Judging by the reception from the public at the venue’s first birthday celebrations, it looks as though Makerspace &company will be around for many years to come.

Makerspace &company Marrickville Sydney

Its 1200sqm Marrickville warehouse is a paradise for the people of Sydney to pretty much make things. Makerspace offers a collective and a community who are raring to go on their latest artisan projects.

Whether you’re already a deft hand in woodwork, a more-than-capable ceramicist, or are an expert blacksmith (yep, there are blacksmiths here!), Makerspace &company has the resources at hand.

The resources in question, come in the form of actual tools, equipment, and space for those in the creative industry to work on their projects. It also offers an unparalleled resource of shared experience amongst the regulars, who have a group of likeminded individuals ready to share their knowledge and collaborate on various projects.

Makerspace &company Marrickville Sydney

Makerspace &company’s first birthday event also worked as an open day for the public.  Whilst the venue operates as a non-profit workspace for professional designers and artisans, it also provides classes for the general public.  It’s a good place for hobbyists or those wanting to try their hand at any number of crafts, whether it’s in woodwork, metalwork, or even embroidery.

For anyone sick of working in office spaces designed like silos, they’ll immediately be taken by the open camaraderie and friendliness of the people who make up the workshop.

One regular of the venue, now a woodworker by trade, ran tours of the space for visitors.  He’d been in hospitality for 15 years before deciding on a complete career change. He has now been designing and making furniture out of the warehouse, and spoke enthusiastically about the opportunities for collaboration he’s been able to gain there. Another woman took Makerspace’s ceramics classes and loved it so much she’s continued going back at least twice a week to work on her own projects.

Makerspace &company Marrickville Sydney

Makerspace &company has now built their own forges for blacksmiths, which will only increase the creativity and alliances between Makerspace membership holders, casual class attendees, and the local community.

– Erica
Erica Enriquez-Clemente writes about whatever she can about whatever Sydney has going on.  When she’s not writing, she’s fallen asleep in front of the TV, because the latest episode of The Walking Dead had left her emotionally exhausted.  She’s on Instagram as @ee_clemente. 

Makerspace &company offer casual classes along with membership options for serious artisans. Visit them at 1/17 Barclay St, Marrickville NSW 2204 and on

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Image credit: Erica Enriquez-Clemente.