Jackie Loeb & Gretel Killeen comedy show ‘We Don’t Like Young People’

The Comedy Store in Moore Park was booming with laughter when Jackie Loeb and Gretel Killeen took the stage to share their views on young people. The whole show was a mixed bag of different topics, not always staying focused on the title of the show, ‘We Don’t Like Young People’.

Gretel Killeen entered the stage first and opened Pandora’s box by making emotional comments on the Presidential election in the U.S. The night continued less controversially, with talking about sex and past relationships. When discussing her childhood, Killeen declared, ‘My parents didn’t love me. I never got what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas’. She made the true comparison: how young people these days are treated as if they are special for just showing up.

When Jackie Loeb took over the stage, she started with the topic of young people, but quickly moved on to talk about her life experiences. Her show was a mix of song, dance, and comedy. She pointed out how the music young people make these days is so deep and meaningful — then started a hilarious medley of songs like, ‘I Whip My Hair Back and Forth’ and ‘My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard’.

The 90% female audience showed their approval, with loud laughter, complementing whistling, and excited clapping. However, the time restrictions on both comedians was a drawback of the show. Each one of them only had about half an hour to speak. More time would have been more suitable for both performances, or perhaps, if they had shared the stage and worked together as a comedy duo, the show would have been even more enjoyable.

‘We Don’t Like Young People’ provided a fun evening for women who love comedy and enjoy a feminist bent.

– Monique
Monique Pitzer was born and raised in Germany, where she also started working as a freelance journalist and freelance writer. She moved to Australia and started a business as a writer, translator, and tutor.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Lovelly Communications.
Image credit: Lovelly Communications and Gretel Killeen.