The Port Darling Harbour: the revamped bar sets sail

Sailing into Sydney with an all-new revamp, The Port Darling Harbour is your new nightlife destination. Combine delicious food, divine cocktails, great music, and best of all — no lockout laws — and you have yourself a winner.

The celebration was in full gale last week when the venue officially re-launched on the foreshore of the Harbourside Shopping Centre foreshore. (You may remember the space as the former Margaritaville.)


The joint’s now been decked out with a ‘French coastal vibe’ under architect Lainey Richardson. It’s all spaciousness (those 1,000+ people have to fit somewhere) and light wood features. There are tucked-away sections — some with hanging swings — for cosy encounters with a sailor. Outside you can even reserve a cabana for your crew.


At the launch party, a crowd of stylish folks entered the large venue and were wowed by two magical setups: a charcuterie table, filled with cheeses and meats galore, and a sushi chef cutting up fresh sashimi. This set the tone for the rest of night. It was all glamour, good food, and great times. We also enjoyed a selection of nibbles off the menu, from corquettes topped with gourmet mustard, to goat-cheese herbed croquettes.


And of course, there’s the bar. Stretching across half the main room, guests cozied up to for bubbles and craft beer (Young Henry’s and Stone & Wood appear on the menu). The aforementioned cocktails — fruity and delicious, perfect for summer — went down a treat as strangers turned into friends. My new pals and I were in awe of the live jazz singer, crooning away to the crowd throughout the evening’s festivities.

Theresa (left) and friends

Theresa (left) and friends

You can come on deck at The Port Darling Harbour for a coffee and pastry (it opens at 10am daily). Visit for lunch by the harbour, or come back for dinner. Keep the party going even longer, too. Those pesky lockout laws? Don’t apply to Darling Harbour. The Port is open till 12am most days, with a 2am license on Thursdays and a whopping 4am opening time from Friday through to Sunday.


From morning until the wee hours, embark on a wonderful journey with The Port Darling Harbour.

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa will no doubt be making her way to Darling Harbour again soon.

The Port Darling Harbour
2-10 Darling Drive
Darling Harbour NSW 2000
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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Society Group.
Image credit: Sydney Event Media, Ash Marr, Esteban La Tessa.