Smooth Festival of Chocolate – All I’ve Ever Wanted

Multi-flavoured chocolate coated onto delicious fruit, ice cream, and waffles with rich chocolate sauce and the most beautiful big decorated chocolate cakes. I have seen it all at the Smooth Festival of Chocolate, and I loved every single bit of it. I even did not mind the stomachache after eating all the delights.


The markets were full of joyful people strolling from stall to stall, while hearing exciting and uplifting music on the background. I entered The Rocks where the festival was held via George Street and went straight into the Lindt Lounge. Welcomed by the Lindt’s very own chocolate chef, who handed out free Lindt chocolate, while we all were waiting in a queue to enter.


After I strolled around in ‘The Chocolatiers’ Quarters’ and ‘Darell Lea Choc-lea Chill Out’ to view and taste the chocolate masters creations, it was time to go to the VIP on the third level of the Cruise Bar. An amazing venue, I must say. You could see the Opera House,  Circular Quay,  and  the  festival  clearly  from  this point.

The weather was exquisite. Perfect for a drink and some sweets from the chocolate-filled table. This was the moment I saw the chocolate fountain. Smelling the sweet, light warm chocolate running down, it was love at first site. But – yes, here comes – even love comes with ups and downs. While dipping in some of the delicious strawberries and marshmallows, I accidentally dripped some dark delight on my green dress. But even this could not ruin my chocolate festival day.


Besides of all the orange, snickers, nutella, and more flavoured chocolate, other foods were being offered as well. Although the queues for some stalls were immense, I still enjoyed a mouth-watering dark chocolate crêpe with whipped cream for lunch. I can tell you, it was definitely worth waiting for.

Even with a slight stomachache of over eating on all these tasteful treasures, I experienced a delightful, relaxed day and would definitely go again.

– Serena
Serena Maaskant is a chocolate fanatic. 22 years old from The Netherlands. World traveller.
Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Smooth Festival of Chocolate.
Image credit: Smooth Festival of Chocolate.