Escaping The Mystery Puzzle

We’re often talking about escaping the hustle-bustle of the jam-packed Sydney CBD this time of the year. But we rarely think we’d have to escape a room first! What started out as a rather bizarre way of entertaining oneself (almost straight out of an iPhone game), Escape rooms have gone big when it comes to unorthodox funtivities.

The Mystery Puzzle has brought the craze down under. The whole idea is more challenging than it sounds, and equally so, more fun! Whether you want to play a treasure hunter or a detective, the goal is simple – get out of the room before the clock runs out, with the clues you’ve got at hand.

The tactile aspect of this brain-teaser of an activity makes it infinitely more fun than say an iPhone game, we must say. Once you’re immersed in a themed setting, and are fighting against the clock, everything gets very real, very quickly. It’s exhilarating, and the closer you get to the sand running out – so to speak – the more of a rush you get.

The Mystery Puzzle game brings out a combination of your inner-child and Sherlock Holmes in you. As someone who’d read every single of Dr. Watson’s tales, I loved it! You do get to ask for hints here and there, thank God (!), and when you do make it out just as time is about to run out, the sense of accomplishment is inexplicable. I personally may have done a little jump into the air and a self-high-five.

The most puzzling thing though – for a game where, for its duration, you’re doing everything you can to escape; the moment you leave The Mystery Puzzle, you want to go right back in!

– Jessica

Find out more about The Mystery Puzzle, and book your own adventure here.