Hunter Valley Wineries – Our Seven Favorite Ones

Hunter Valley is renowned for its incredible array of equally incredible wine on offer. According to a recent survey, Hunter Valley has more than 150+ wineries. If you are on the hunt for the town’s best wineries, this list will lend you a hand of help. Here are top seven Hunter Valley wineries.

Hunter Valley Wineries

Audry Wilkinson Hunter Valley Winery

The list begins with Audry Wilkinson Winery. According to wine aficionados, this is a picturesque site with a wide range of options. From Shiraz to Semillon to chardonnay, everything from this winery stands out.

Peppertree Wines

Peppertree Wines is renowned for its Shiraz varieties. As you walk through this field, you will undeniably walk out with a wine bottle. Most visitors tend to taste a sample of Tallavera Shiraz and enjoy a first-class dinner at Circa 1876 restaurant.

Bimbadgen Estate Hunter Valley

Another enticing place for tasting, swirling and buying wine would be the Bimbadgen Estate. The winery has spacious rooms and hallmark wine brands. This en covers Shiraz, Semillon, Shiraz Viognier, Verdelho and Chardonnay. And, Shiraz Viognier is the best blend from this vineyard.

Gartelmann Wines

Another winery that stands out for its Chardonnay and Semillon would be Gartelmann Wines. The small cellar serves a gourmet products and different samples of wine. In fact, there is a small café close by with exquisite lunch and breakfast options.

Meerea Park  Hunter Valley

Meerea Park Wines is a big star in the list of Hunter Valley’s wineries. The place is extremely famous for its sandstone cottages and spicy reds. If you are in Meera Park, you must not leave without tasting its Alexander Munro Shiraz.

Tyrell’s Vineyard

Tyrell’s Vineyard has a history that dates back to early 1850s. It is a top-class vinery with sparkling wine varieties that are best enjoyed during winter. The Vat Series Wines are truly of high quality, specifically the Shiraz, Chardonnay and Semillon.

Tempus Two Wines

Tempus Two Wines is another classy vinery in the city. The place has stunning cellar doors, top-notch wines and tree lined driveways. Tempus Two Wines is ranked for its copper wine brands.


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