The Week’s Chose a Faire

We’ve only just jumped into April, and already there’s more on our calendar for the month than we can count. We’ll start the most of with a few of our favorites we’ll be heading to over the week. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for our Newsletter for the best of the month, and have a browse through our magazine (below) for the best of the entire season!


Mindz Brain Experience
“See the inner workings of your brain & learn brain control. Fun, entertaining & cool.”


Culture Club
Head to the Opera House “for a series of conversations with artists and thinkers about the ideas that shape our arts and cultural landscape.”


Body Percussion
“Oded will show you the subtleties of sound in the human body, how to harness your physical rhythm, how to push yourself to the beat, to syncopate with style and share your rhtyhms with your classmates to create some truly impressive percussive songs!”

Learn to Play Ultimate Frisbee
“Learn to play ultimate frisbee at Inner West Ultimate’s FREE Learn To Play night. Ultimate is a fun, self referred, non-contact, 7-a-side team sport that’s played around the world.”


NGV Tea Party
“Grab some friends and head to the NGV for a night of music, dancing and creativity.”

Introduction to African Dance
“This workshop series will introduce you to a range of Traditional West African movements and rhythms through gentle warm-ups and movement drills.”


Small Arts Festival
“Designed for young people, by young people, smart ARTS is an arts and cultural festival incorporating a launch party, art exhibition, careers forum & creative arts workshops.”


Capoeira – Painting & Art Performance
“Be part of an exciting journey with the french artists Maia d’Aboville and Henri Lamy !”

Kaleido Issue 3 Launch

“experience this edition first hand at COMMUNEMakers, where you can meet like minded creatives and enjoy industry speakers, an art exhibition, live music, mini workshops, design markets, food and drinks.”


Singing at the House
“Singing at the House is a free community singing event held at Sydney Opera House. Participants do not need any previous singing experience, just enthusiasm and energy!”

– Samantha Jane
Samantha is an aspiring writer with a completely inability to stay still for any longer than 15 minutes without planning or embarking upon her next adventure.