Alesandro Ljubicic, The Scent of Painting

Opening on the 5th of February, visitor’s to Alesandro Ljubicic’s The Scent of Painting exhibition at the Michael Reid Gallery in Sydney will be treated to a sensory overload of vibrant colours and aromas.


In his newest exhibition, the Sydney based painter has collaborated with close friend and floral designer Sean Cook, Brisbane based perfumer Damask Perfumery and Scotland’s bespoke scarf manufacturer Kmossed to create an all-encompassing experience. Utilising all three of the exhibition spaces inside the stunning Victorian-era gallery, Ljubicic’s latest exhibit takes his previous colour intensive work and amplifies it, both visually and physically. For anyone familiar with the artist’s work, it’s no secret that he loves using thick scoops of vivid oil paint to almost sculpt the scene onto the canvas, and The Scent of Painting is no exception.


The floral designs by Mr Cook, along with the unique scent Ljubicic has created with Damask Perfumery all contribute to an immersive experience throughout the exhibition. There are 30 birch board and 25 linen works to admire, each distinctly recognisable as the artist’s thanks to their defined sculpted quality.


At the time of writing, already approximately 75% of the artworks have been sold. When asked what he had hoped to achieve with his latest exhibit, Ljubicic replied that he hoped “the visitor can take something away with them” whether that be an artwork, a scarf, a perfume or an experience.


“In essence I am creating a multi-layered experience that provokes all the senses,” he said. “This new body of work moves beyond the canvas to explore new creative forms that the audience can interact with in an intimate way.”

Alesandro Ljubicic’s The Scent of Painting runs from the 5th-27th February 2016 at the Michael Reid Gallery in Sydney.

The exhibition is free entry.

– Harry

Harry Russell is a 20 year old law student from Sydney who enjoys good music, good movies, good books and good company.