Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney

I had the pleasure of attending the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney on Saturday 26th September, and  positively loved it! For someone like myself in particular, who was yet to grace an event of the sort, this was an experience like no other. Here’s a quick recap.

On arrival, you’re handed a mini water bottle – to keep one nice and fresh through the show. More importantly, there was the goodie bag. From great hair products, to mini perfumes, and much more – it was the perfect mix of samplers.

The show itself was a medley of incredible designer labels near and dear to my heart; like Dion Lee, manning Cartel, Beck & Bridge, and Romance Was Born. Each collection had it’s own personality and color, be it sharp gold and black or bright colors and florals.

As the show wrapped up, it was time to head down to the ‘Festival Hub,’ featuring drinks, champagne samplers, and even free lollies!

There was much to see, and much to do. From shots in-front of the Mercedes Benz media wall, to scoping out the gorgeous Mini’s on display (not to mention the celebrities that accompanied them); it was a diverse affair of all things fashion, class, and sophistication.

It was an overall fantastic experience, and I already can’t wait to make my way to the next one – just under a year to go!

– Marlene Di Marte

Photos courtesy of Soil Media. Photography by Yohanes Ariyo.