‘High Society’ Spring Soiree

To celebrate the first anniversary of Potts Point Galleries, home to some of Sydney’s premier antique and decorative art dealers and the launch of his new Network Real Estate agency, owner and proud musical supporter Paul Baker cordially invited me to the lovely ‘High Society’ spirng soiree at the small, but beautiful Hayes Theatre located in Potts Point.


Greeted by a red carpet and a shiny, vintage 1912 silver ghost Rolls Royce, I made my way into the wonderful foyer of the theatre where I found an abundance of, wait for it… High society! Wonderful influential people dressed in fancy atire, matching scarves and expensive looking jewellery, drinking champagne cocktails and eating canapes and delicious oysters provided by Macleay street Bistro.


I felt a little bit out of place being one of the youngest there and for simply being by myself, but I got accepted pretty quick and had lovely chats with Michelle, who is the right hand of Paul and Di, Paul’s daughter. I met the lovely Samantha, who was hosting the night and I had many friendly nods of all the other people present.

With champers in one hand and oysters in the other it was time to commence the show! The flyer promises ‘The musical about the captivating Tracy Lord and her exclusive 700 guests wedding. Set in 1938’ and I went in with joy and enthusiasm.


I won’t spoil anything for you, but I can tell you for sure, I did not get dissapointed one bit! The acting and singing was beautiful, the story line was greatly entertaining, the set up was simple but highly effective and I had many moments of excitement and great laughs. The only downside I could mention is the seating. There is not a lot of space and the seats are quite rough if you have to sit on them for about 2 hours in total, but once again, totally worth it.

Cast; Amy Lehpamer, Bert Labonte, Bobby Fox, Virginia Gay, Scott Irwin and Delia Hannah.

For more information and to book tickets visit: www.hayestheatre.com.au