The Coffee Experience

First off, I have a confession to make – I am a bit of a Frappaccino girl! It’s out there now, judgement day starts. I felt a bit intimidated going to the trades day of ‘The Coffee Experience,’ because my life has consisted of drinking Frappuccinos, which is – according to my self proclaimed expert coffee friends – “not real coffee. “


Finally deciding to embrace the sun, I found the lucky bus driver would take me to The Royal Hall of Industries, located next to the entertainment quarter at Fox Studios. At the media desk I was greeted by a fellow country-woman (gotta love the Dutch and their accent) and with that added bit of confidence I steped into the world of coffee.

Straight away I heard there was a competition on, and nothing eases nerves as well as watching someone else be more nervous! I was looking at a guy making beautiful latte art in the smallest cup I had ever seen, while being watched by four very serious judges and a referee. The finished products were a true work of art, design, and dedication.

Moving on I caught a last glimpse of an ecstatic tower of sugar, chocolate, and full on delightfulness. I decided it was some kind of chocolate shake competition – topped off with two donuts with some ice cream, sprinkles and colouring in between, and some lovely sides. Delighted by this little discovery, I happily moved along to the more conventional stands with beans, teas, milk, espresso machines and coffee presses.


After walking around a few times, I was lost in the experience. Everyone knew what they were talking about and what they were looking for … I heard some swift Italian every now and then, which brought back some fond memories – the best coffee I ever had was in Rome, Italy, served by the best dressed men I have ever seen behind a bar – ever!.

I ended up at the ‘Degani’ car where I saw a very lovely girl who looked like she was up for a little chat, so I went for it. Best decision ever that day. She told me about the car that drives around with the espresso machine in the back, ready to go, whenever and wherever. Great invention, very trendy and delightful coffee I discovered.

After that highlight, and armed with a few snaps, it was time to call it wraps at the coffee experience – not before grabbing a cup en route home!

– Ayla
Ayla Haverkamp, ‘The Dutchess’, is a Dutch girl in Sydney with a communications degree and a heart for organizing. She loves to travel the world, learn and explore new things every day, and is a cinema guru.

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Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Coffee Experience.