Oh Mercy at Oxford Art Factory

In the grungy basement of Oxford Arts Factory, Oh Mercy graced the stage with a killer performance showcasing their new and old hits- and more importantly, that after their 3 year hiatus from the music scene, they still have it. Their comeback tour, showcasing their recently released album When We Talk About Love (2015), was filled with a whirlwind of beautiful melodies, orchestral beats and poetic lyrics- a killer combination.


The new album itself takes a completely new direction from the previous indie-rock/folk feel of their previous works. When We Talk About Love was written in midst of a life-changing reformation as the lead singer, Alex Gow, left all his possessions behind and lived in the United states on a journey of self discovery and isolation in order to remove himself from the familiarity of home and shift his focus solely on creating music which reflected his emotions and soul. As an end result, the album tells tales of love and loss that are hauntingly beautiful when recorded and performed lyrically and musically.

The band played an eclectic mix of old and new songs, Gow switching from electric to acoustic guitar in order to accommodate to the change from slow, melodic ballads and indie-rock hits. Underpinning their show was musical pillars like Sandy (When We Talk About Love, 2015); My Man (Deep heat, 2012 ) and Stay Please Stay (Great Barrier Grief, 2011)– accommodating for old and new fans alike.



The six-piece band itself works extremely well together, with two guitars, a viola, keyboard, bass and drums flowing in sync to recreate live music with vibrancy that keeps the crowd bopping in sync to the beats whilst staying true to the original recorded versions.

Oh Mercy came back not only with a bang, but also with whoops and whistles and cheers. Their show at Oxford Arts Factory successfully showcased their musical diversity and performance skills, while keeping the audience swaying, singing and dancing along in celebration to the transformation the band has made.

– Abbey Farlow
Abbey is currently a media and communications student at the University of New South Wales. She specialises in contemporary entertainment pieces and reviews of the underground and new independent music. Follow her on twitter:http://twitter.com/abbeyfarlow or blogspot: http://bbutterbones.blogspot.com.au

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Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Riot House Publicity