Time Out Sydney Food Awards 2015

The moment me and my plus one walked into this place for Timeout Food Awards Night 2015, we knew we were in for a marvelous night full of cheerful and funky tunes, happy vibes and, yes, per-food-fection! An honourable nominee for the People’s Choice Award alongside the best Sydney restaurants, Morrison Bar and Oyster Room made us believe in love at first bite.


Of course, we begin our evening with oysters. Sophisticated combination of sweet and spicy flavours of Oyster Po Boys marked a great start of our eating journey. Next, we tried Tender Goat Cheese Profiteroles that nearly melt in our mouth, followed by dangerously delicious Black Widow Slicers: fresh little burgers with smooth burger filling in style. However, the dish that truly made our night was…the lamb chops! Delicate and juicy meat served with green, healthy sauce made us to go for more. Definitely recommended together with red wine!

Not only were we enchanted by the exquisite dishes, we were smitten away by all inspirational foodie gurus we had been lucky enough to see on the stage on the Award Night. Overall, there were 11 nominations: Best Bang for Buck, Best Café, Best Food Truck, Best Casual Dining Restaurant, Best Fine Dining Restaurant, Best New Restaurant, Hot Talent Award, People’s Choice Award, Legend Award, Chef of the Year Award and Restaurant of the Year Award.



These were more than just victories as all the exceptional nominees embodied all the hard work and the power to dream big as well fun and good times. The little stage where nominees, as well as the hosts of the show were standing, was surrounded by the crowd of families and friends to express support for the Award Participants. Every time the screens, that were located on the sides of the stage, displayed the names of to-be-winners, the level of excitement grew as the people cheered for their favourite restaurants. After the awards had been declared, the night transcended into the lively atmosphere of sentimental embraces and happiest laughter, accompanied by the most perfect music for a weekday night out.

I finished the evening on the note of a rich, fragrant red while my friend picked up a bittersweet “Pale Ale”: Yenda beers definitely make one’s night after a long day! Clinking glasses together to celebrate the success of this event, we vowed to go on a foud tour to all the wonderful restaurants and cafes in Sydney as the undeniable proof that our city is the most unique destination in the world.

– Olena Prusenkova

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Cardinal Spin.