Disney on Ice – Dare to Dream

What promised to be a lovely afternoon turned out to be a magical, slightly hectic, throwback to some of my best childhood memories!

Today is the opening day of the Disney on Ice ‘Dare to Dream’ tour in Sydney, which will be on until coming Sunday the 12th.

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Staged in All Phones Arena Sydney Showground, big, but almost not big enough for the raging amount of children in fairy tale and prince charming costumes, some more happy than others.Welcomed by a large variety of merchandise like stuffed animals and t-shirts, ‘take your photo with a Disney princess’ opportunities and not to forget special Mickey Mouse popcorn or Rapunzel snow mugs, all at steep pricing naturally (happy school holidays).

Fair enough, loads of happy kids and a little less happy parents, some even agitated unfortunately, which didn’t charm them much, but let’s not get side tracked here by negatives. Disney is all about beauty, honesty and happiness and the good guys always come out winning!

2015-07-08 14.28.402015-07-08 16.08.15

The show starts off with the classics Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald who (still) run the show and introduce all the story lines to you. Without wanting to spoil too much (I will add some pictures for your delight), the whole show consists of 3 different princess stories and are presented by some of the most wondrous ice skating I have ever seen.

The costumes are mesmerising and quite impressive at times, my ice skating skills are all right, but ice-skating in a ball dress seems like a work of art! The stories are exactly the right duration for both adults and kids not to lose their attention span and the stage pieces look wonderful and fully add to the atmosphere that is being created. If you include the music, everything together makes it a unique, happy and warming experience for the whole family with the right amount of action and romance, dancing, singing and ice skating.

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– Ayla
Ayla Haverkamp, ‘The Dutchess’, is a Dutch girl in Sydney with a communications degree and a heart for organizing. She loves to travel the world, learn and explore new things every day, and is a cinema guru.

Disney on Ice ‘Dare to Dream’ is hosted in the All Phones Arena at Sydney Showground until the 12th of July. For more information visit; www.ticketek.com.au

Disclosure: The Plus Ones attended the Disney on Ice courtesy o Double Edge PR.