LNO Australia “An Unique Pampering Experience”- Bonnyrigg

In between the borders of Cabramatta and Liverpool lies the much forgotten suburb of Bonnyrigg.  However,  on the 1st July, it was a proud  host for  LNO‘s (Ladies Night Out) unique pampering experience at the Novella Event Center.

Cultivated through the minds of marketing veterans, Tiz Porreca and Lisa Malnar created  LNO Australia, to spoils  the working women of all ages and give them a unique pampering experience.   LNO events mainly held in the suburbs, to carter  women who don’t have the time to travel to the city, which most events  are held. (Their next one is on the 29th July 2015 at Homebush.)

As I went in, the vibrant ambiance gushed to greet me with enthusiastic chattering between the customers and business owners and hundreds of heart-warming smiles.  Stalls surrounds the area which were supplied a  variety of small trinkets, tarot card  readings, massage booths, artworks and a soothing pampering station at the front room.  I was in pampering paradise!


Since, the pampering stations was all booked, I went around to the stalls and started chatting  to the owner of Soap De Villa on their handmade goat soaps. Mind you she said “it will guarantee to leave your skin silky smooth.”   I glanced over to Kalitheo Creations which sell luxurious handmade jewelry, that will leave twinkle in my eye.

I was called by Arbonne which ran a mini pampering session for the ladies to get spoiled!  Starting with a cleansing foot massage and facial scrub which was made with essential  organic sea ingredients, that will leave you feeling heavenly and refreshed.  And, the finish touch was  the makeover–I was able to just seat back and relax to the soft bristles of the brushes feel against my skin! Such a Delight.

I left LNO Australia feeling pampered and spoiled as ever; not to mention they gave me a free goodies bag. Another extra 10 brownie points!


Jenny Hu is a media student from Sydney. When she is not writing for the Plus Ones, she is listening to audiobooks and plotting her next big move in becoming a social media star. Read all about her misadventures and other articles on The Media Hu.


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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of LNO Australia.