Creatives Uncovered with StarCentral Magazine

A heart-warming yet bustling ambiance of Creative Uncovered 2015 welcomed me with open arms, as I stepped inside the chapel, away from the gloomy demise of the rain.  Not knowing what to expect from this event, I scanned the room in an excited manner, noting all fashionistas, models and other artists who shared a common thread of creativity when they were gathered at this event last Thursday.

Creative Uncovered 2015 was a “linked-up event platform for small business owners, sole traders, and entrepreneurs” within the creative industry to promote their fashion line and merchandise to patrons of the event. This particular event was sponsored by Star Central Magazine, where they were presenting “Fashion Designer Awards,” and judges included Event Media’s Lyester Collyer, who selected the “Most Creative.”


The light began to dim at eight ’o’clock, and the announcer called upon an army of models to showcase each fashion label, as they strutted down the catwalk.  I stood awkwardly near a collective of photographers snapping away—knowing they have to bring up their A-game to snap the most perfect photo.

The models were adorned with tribal patterns, white washed dresses, multi-coloured gowns and intricate woven head pieces—looking oh-so fabulous and clean cut—and gracing each walk down the runaway with class, and of course, posing with a fierce stare into the cameras.


The flashes and lights came to a halt, and out came the spotlight to announce the winners for the Fashion Designer Awards and StarCentral’s Model Search Award. Congratulations to the every single participant who won! When the event wrapped up that evening, I retreated back into the rain—much to my disappointment — but, I had the delightful experience of Creative Uncovered reeling through in my mind as I made my way back home.


Jenny Hu is a media student from Sydney. When she is not writing for the Plus Ones, she is listening to audiobooks and plotting her next big move in becoming a social media star. Read all about her misadventures and other articles on The Media Hu.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Creatives Uncovered.