Festival of Blundstone: Boots Galore

It was only the first week of winter, with temperatures already starting to drop, and fast. Its being dark and cold outside seemed like the perfect condition to go to the (hopefully warm and vibrant) Festival of Blundstone brand launch for Blundstone’s new urban range of boots.


Located in the cutest Little Albion laneway in Surry Hills, it luckily was easy to find thanks to a massive logo projected on the street and a cozy group of ‘hot and happening’ people holding fancy drinks and decadent little snacks. And let’s not forget the piece of rope strung across the alley with several boots hanging on it (not to be confused with the age-old  “shoes over telephone wires,” for the ones among us who know what that means).

The space of the launch was beautiful, raw, somewhat minimalistic. Old brick painted white, pendants that take after ship’s lamps, and a great selection of snazzy posters featuring the beautiful Blundstone model (who, I can confirm after meeting her that night in person, is beautiful both inside and out).


A funky, stylish band played their tunes in the corner at full volume, paired with an impressive table-top’s worth of exclusive cheeses, crackers, and a fruit selection that would make any average still life painting jealous. Let us not forget there was plenty of champers and Old Fashioned cocktails, a ‘social playground’ where you could get instant prints of the pictures you took during the event, and beautiful displays of the new collection.

With plenty of choice in fabric and colour, we obviously had to try some boots on! I started with the ‘Urbans 1318’ , featuring wheat nubuck leather. The boots felt solid and comfortable and were quite stylish all the same (although, I have to say, they looked better on the model than they did on me!).


Chatting to the team, we learnt they’re apparently doing really well in Israel, Italy, and Canada. I can tell you there are some exciting things coming up for Blundstone in Australia, so keep an eye out.

– Ayla
Ayla Haverkamp, ‘The Dutchess’, is a Dutch girl in Sydney with a communications degree and a heart for organizing. She loves to travel the world, learn and explore new things every day, and is a cinema guru.

You can view Blundstone’s Urban range here.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Undertow Media.


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