Start The Plus Ones In Your City

Hello future friend! 

The Plus Ones – is a rapidly growing global media group that is all about showcasing the best events and brands in cities around the world. We’re active in 13 cities around the globe and we’re looking to have fun in more!

Become a Director (media) – Do you love going out? Are you super sociable? What if we told you that by becoming a Plus Ones’ city Director you can go to any event in your city for free? If this sounds like you and you have a spare three hours per week we’d love to have a chat.

Become a Director (business) – We create some of the most sophisticated, innovative and immersive marketing experiences on the planet. If you have a passion for marketing and you love going out we’d love to hear from you!

How does it work – Plus Ones’ HQ will provide you with the infrastructure, support and direction to establish your city’s site. We will also allocate marketing dollars to you so you can rapidly establish your presence and build your audience. After this you will have creative license to run the city with your flair and style.

Benefits – the benefits of being a Plus Ones’ Director are almost endless, but we’ll provide you with a lengthy list when we first chat. For me, the greatest benefit is being a part of a global network of truly awesome individuals and going to the best events in the world wherever I visit.

Drop us a line at with your details, general experience and the city you wish to start The Plus Ones in and we’ll get in touch!

Hope to hear from you.

Rukmal De Silva
Managing Director