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The Homosexuals Malthouse Theatre

‘The Homosexuals Or Faggots’ at The Malthouse

Subversive art is a fearful thing, not often attempted and almost never achieved, although every so often it takes to the stage, usually at the Malthouse Theatre. Declan Greene’s The Homosexuals or Faggots manages to weave the audience along a…

Little Emperors Malthouse Theatre Melbourne

Asia TOPA: Malthouse Theatre presents ‘Little Emperors’

When I attended the Malthouse Theatre 2017 season launch late last year, I left with one word to describe the upcoming season: ‘exciting’. Malthouse has chosen a range of unique, interesting work that push past the boundaries of traditional theatre….

Asia TOPA Melbourne Time's Journey Through a Room

Asia TOPA festival: ‘Times Journey Through the Room’

A simple interior. A table, two chairs, a vase with two flowers reaching upwards. A curtained window. A fan blowing. There is also a flashing lightbulb highlighting a medium-sized rock, which hints at the earthquake in Japan central to this…

The Rage of Achilles Stork Theatre Melbourne

See ‘The Rage of Achilles’ come to life with Stork Theatre

Some of the oldest male war stories in the modern world are showcased in Stork Theatre’s Iliad adaptation, The Rage of Achilles. Humphrey Bower’s athletic form paces and prowls the crucifix-shaped promontory, shrouded in clay-coloured camouflage nets. Barely falling silent,…

Erasers Owl and Cat Theatre Melbourne

‘Erasers’ at The Owl & Cat Theatre

Erasers, written by Jake Arky and directed by Gabrielle Savrone at The Owl and the Cat Theatre, is a dark and contemporary production featuring some outstanding performances and creative storytelling. The writer of this play is from the United States…

Lamante anglaise fortyfivedwonstairs Melbourne

‘L’Amante Anglais – The English Lover’ at fortyfivedownstairs

Did you ever think you’d sympathise with a murderess? A breathtaking 100 minutes of tragic human drama is laid bare in Laurence Strangio’s reprisal of his popular adaptation of romantic French novelist Marguerite Duras’ 1967 novella, L’Amante Anglais. This lauded…

The Owl and Cat Theatre Melbourne

The Owl and Cat Theatre Gala: theatre and comedy galore

The Owl and Cat Theatre opened its doors in Richmond a modest two years ago, but last weekend we partied like it was 1922.  The 2017 Fundraiser gala was a speakeasy-themed party, and the venue, the Abbotsford Convent, brought it to…

The way Things Work Red Stitch Theatre Melbourne

‘The Way Things Work’ at Red Stitch Theatre

The Way Things Work, written and directed by Aiden Fennessy at Red Stitch Theatre, is a topical play featuring great acting. Joe Petruzzi and Peter Houghton enact six different characters over the course of the play, creating a showcase for…

The Nursery Web The Butterfly Club Melbourne play theatre

‘The Nursery Web’ plays at The Butterfly Club

Halfway through The Nursery Web, it was clear that this was a play written by a woman. In telling stories about romantic relationships, it does away with clichéd ideas of what men are to women. At its best, characters and…