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T2 Mother’s Day collection launches

Mother’s Day is always a toughie. Do you take your Mum to high tea? Brunch? What else do mums love? One year I got my mother the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, but I realise that’s not something most mums would appreciate….

T2 Chai Championship

T2 Chai Championship

If there’s a tea that I love more than anything, it’s chai. So I was bragging all over town when T2 (who know how to throw a good event) invited me to their Chai Championship. An entire evening devoted to one…

The Plus Ones’ Favourite Events of May 2015

May 2015 was filled to the max with art, tea, and shenanigans with fairies. You know, the kind of month that makes you realise all over again why you love living in Melbourne. Here are some of The Plus Ones’ highlights:…

T2 Summer Edition Tea Festival

Tea paradise is in the T2 Headquarters in Collingwood. I was invited to the Summer Edition Tea Festival, a magical night filled with tea, food, and even tea leaf fortune telling. The headquarters is stunning (it placed with silver in the…