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Ab Fab The Movie

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

One might feel inclined to roll their eyes at the thought of an Ab Fab adaptation for the big screen. I can understand that. Remember Da Kath and Kim Code? The small-to-silver screen move rarely ever results in anything even edging…

Nuffnang’s Blogger Drinks at The General Store & Co.

What happens when you put a roomful of bloggers into a hip new CBD bar? A damn good time, that’s what. Ruki and I are part of the Nuffnang blogger network, which makes sure that the people behind the websites/Twitter/Instagrams…

Nuffang Blogger Cocktails

Theresa and I had just been to New Gold Mountain the previous week for Yelp’s Negroni Club, but when Nuffang, one of the largest blogging sites in the Asia/Pacific region, had a networking blogger cocktail night, we were happy to go along…

Blogger Bingo

You know an event is good when it has its own hashtag. Enter Nuffnang’s #bloggerbingo. Nuffnang is a blogging network, and they invited their Melbourne bloggers — and friends — to an evening at The Cullen (one of the Art Series Hotels) on 26 November….