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Jane Austen Head Image

Austen’s ‘Persuasion’ Brought to Life

Put your hand up for a night of Austen? A gloved one, that is.  Who wouldn’t. In ultra-modern industrial grey square concreted interior of QV’s No Vacancy Gallery, a full house had laughs, random participation, irony, luxury, and the divine…

Inaugural bluethumb art prize: finalists announced

Art prizes, rewarded for objectively skilful facility, are esteemed by the quality of their participants and prizewinners. Online purveyor bluethumb announced its inaugural winners (from submissions solicited in 2016) this January, staking a starting position in the year’s prize calendar….


Campari Galleria launches in Melbourne

Campari has always been a household name, from a cheeky nightcap to the classic cocktail favourite, the Negroni. The ruby red Italian aperitif is also popularised through the reproduced art works that adorn many interiors from cafes to homes throughout…