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The Honest Con Man at Melbourne Magic Festival

Lie, cheat, steal, win…words of advice a friend once jokingly gave me to get ahead in life. Nicholoas J. Johnson’s life motto isn’t too dissimilar: persuade, influence, manipulate, which is put on display at his Melbourne Magic Festival show, Sway….

The Confidence Artist at Melbourne Magic Festival 2017

The Confidence Artist promises to help us discover such skills as the secret of telling a good lie and how to cheat at cards without getting caught. In typical magician style, Nicholas J. Johnson doesn’t really teach us those things….

Melbourne Magic Festival: Deceptology

As I walked into the Northcote Town Hall I was immediately transported through time. I felt as if I was standing in a little town’s plaza from the 1900s: people of all ages and sizes walked around the dimly lit…