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Monster Fest 2017 Closing Night Film Review: ‘Revenge’

Brilliantly self-assured debut feature that serves as a reminder for just how visceral cinema can be. Early on, something happens in Coralie Fargeat’s thriller Revenge that’s so implausible, so difficult to let pass as a believable turn of events in…

The Viper's Hex

Monster Fest 2017: Interview with ‘The Viper’s Hex’ Co-directors

Jasmine Jakupi and Addison Heath understand why audiences endure great horror films. When I asked Jasmine Jakupi and Addison Heath, directors of The Viper’s Hex, why movie-goers love horror movies despite their intentions to scare you and make you uncomfortable,…

Boar Film Review

Monster Fest 2017 Opening Night Film Review: ‘Boar’

Boar’s gore is as bloody as its banter is brilliant. During the Q&A after the film, one the stars, Aussie horror legend John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) remarked on how much he loved the dialogue in Chris Sun’s Boar. Too often…