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Mission Mexican Festival

A journey through Mexico with the Mission Mexican Festival

Mexico has the trifecta of awesomeness: a vibrant culture, fantastic music, and OMG-amazing food. These three elements of Mexican culture are showcased on Sunday 13th September when the Mission Mexican Festival turns Federation Square into a giant fiesta. I was…

Fringe Festival

Melbourne’s Best September Events

Like a hibernating grizzly, Melburnians are set to emerge from their winter caves and leap into spring! Here’s what we can’t wait to experience: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (28 Aug. to 4 Sept.) – There’s so much fun to be had during…

Lucha Libre – Mexican Wrestling

I hadn’t heard of Mexican wrestling in Melbourne before and when I did, naturally I was keen to check it out. The event is put on by the Lucha Libre in Australia society and is held in The Hi-Fi Bar….