Tag: Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018

Sleepover Gurlz

Sleepover Gurlz at the Melbourne Fringe Festival

Fringe performances have been known to experiment with interesting spaces as part of creating quirky atmospheres. Some have been set in car parks, some in swimming pools, and some even use the city blocks of Melbourne as a roving setting….

Murder Village

‘Murder Village’ at the Melbourne Fringe Festival

Murder Village. The name is ominous, yet it is the perfect tongue-in-cheek setting for a genius hybrid between a murder mystery and a professional long form improvised format. Creator David Massingham, starring as a seemingly incompetent Detective Gullet, teams up…

‘Montreal’ by Paul Richards at the Melbourne Fringe Festival

It is always wonderful to see a show dedicated to a passion, yet accessible to all if given the knowledge that the entertainment comes from the handling of the source. Paul Richards delivers ‘Montreal’ during this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival…