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Two Fat Monks

An Insta-Worthy Restaurant: Two Fat Monks

Two Fat Monks has been around for a little while, located just opposite Fairfield station. Their previous focus was on breakfast and brunch, but they have recently expanded their menu to include a dedicated lunch section. The Plus Ones were…

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverly Melbourne

More than coffee at Workshop Bros Glen Waverley

The brains behind the Workshop Bros are no strangers to hospitality. While coffee-lovers in Melbourne’s CBD may be familiar with the speciality coffee they serve up to tired commuters every day, what you might not know is that Workshop Bros…

Bomba Goes to Spain

Bomba Goes to Spain: a culinary visit to the Canary Islands

You know you’re eating unusual food when halfway through lunch you get the urge to pull up a map of the Canary Islands on your phone. The reason: Jesse Garner, owner of CBD restaurant Bomba, just got back from his…