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Artvo Melbourne

ArtVo immersive gallery in the heart of Docklands

Artvo is an immersive gallery located in the heart of Docklands. The gallery is divided into 11 themed areas, which you make your way through at your own pace. It’s the first of its kind to open in Australia. Each theme has been beautifully…

Inaugural bluethumb art prize: finalists announced

Art prizes, rewarded for objectively skilful facility, are esteemed by the quality of their participants and prizewinners. Online purveyor bluethumb announced its inaugural winners (from submissions solicited in 2016) this January, staking a starting position in the year’s prize calendar….

Three top experiences this summer with City of Melbourne

If there’s one benefit of living in Melbourne, it’s how amazing our summers are. Jam-packed with new places to eat, festivals, live music, art — it’s all happening, and it’s all here. In partnership with City of Melbourne, we’ve selected…

Starter Art: New Season Photography at LUMAS Gallery

For those who aspire to access the art market, and knowingly display it, LUMAS is a gallery to start at. The concept is clever: unlike traditional fine art galleries, LUMAS is styled as a display home with complementing furniture by DOMO….

Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain: a foodie art show

Want to take your love for French fries or chips to the next level? If so, then you have to check out this art show. The creative and brilliant artist collective, Hotham Street Ladies (HSL), have mastered the art of playing…

Nite Art 2015: The Plus Ones’ guide

On Thursday night Melbourne’s CBD will play host the return of Nite Art. Nite Art is an all-action discovery of five city Precincts including over 40 galleries and event spaces — all happening from 6pm to late on Thursday 23rd July. The Plus…