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Monster Fest 2017 Film Review: Pyewacket

Deeply affecting, works both as a drama and a horror. Some directors just ‘get’ horror. Adam Macdonald, with his second feature after 2014’s tense survival flick Backcountry, has a film that improves on his first effort (which was already pretty…

The Florida Project

Film Review: ‘The Florida Project’

The Lido kicks off its rooftop cinema opening with Sean Baker’s spellbinding film, The Florida Project. The Lido Cinema kicked off the opening of its rooftop cinema with a little situational irony. With the rain lashing down, we couldn’t sit…


Film Review: ‘Lucky’

A moving and funny meditation on life, and who we are when it ends. ‘You’re nothing!’ This is the greeting Lucky (Harry Dean Stanton), gives to the Joe (Barry Shabaka Henley), the head cook in the film’s dusty, one-horse town….

Better Watch Out

Film Review: ‘Better Watch Out’

The Christmas movie that certainly isn’t for the whole family. Any fan of slasher/horror movies will be able to place the line, ‘I want to know who I’m looking at’. It’s the moment in Wes Craven’s postmodern slasher film to…

Good Time

Film Review: ‘Good Time’

A pretty good time with a pretty bad dude. Some films have great openings. They kick into gear immediately, and you know what kind of a movie you’re about to watch, because, in the first few minutes, the tone is…

Ingrid Goes West

Film Review: ‘Ingrid Goes West’

Nobody wants to be like Ingrid. ‘Where’s my phone?’ This is the first thing Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) says after waking up in the hospital, towards the end of the film. A social media addict, Ingrid has invested the entirety…

Voyage of Time IMAX

Film Review: ‘Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience’

A trailer for our planet – if it were filmed by aliens. Say what you will about Terrence Malick – that his dialogue is insufferable; that, since The Tree Of Life (which was iffy at best) the quality of his…