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Dîner en Blanc Melbourne 2017

Dîner en Blanc Melbourne 2017: Treasury Gardens edition

The Plus Ones swung by Dîner en Blanc Melbourne for a quick glass of  Moët Ice Impérial (champagne created by Moët to be enjoyed over ice) and interviews with Melbourne Organiser Sara Walsh and co-founder of Dîner en Blanc, Sandy Safi….

March 2017: all the events to make your month soar

Melbourne never fails to amuse. March is no exception, with its naked bicycle rides, its festivals with whacky names (Hot Dub Wine Machine), and its crazy-awesome food festivals. Margaritas? Food and film? Donuts and…beer? We have it all in Melbs this…

Dîner en Blanc Melbourne

For the past six months I have heard (non-stop) about a mysterious dinner in Melbourne where everybody wears white and waves napkins and sparklers. In my mind, it was like a great Vestal Virgins convention, only with Champagne, not fire and…

Dîner en Blanc Melbourne 2015: white delight

Imagine 1,000 guests dressed head-to-toe in white, picnicing on white tables, waving white napkins in the air for a photo op. That’s Dîner en Blanc, a worldwide pop-up experience founded in Paris 25 years ago. It’s magical. I first heard about DeB when…