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Melbourne BeerFest 2017: brews in sunny St. Kilda

It was sun and sand surrounding the Melbourne BeerFest in St Kilda. Held in the Catani Gardens, the fickle Melbourne weather cooperated and bestowed a fine autumn day. The beer tents seemed endless as they stretched across the garden lawn….

BierYoga beer yoga melbourne

Beer and Yoga with BierYoga, straight from Berlin

Bier Yoga may sound like an oxymoron, but if you’re honest with yourself what it really sounds like is your dream combo.  Created by Emily and Jhula and based in Berlin, Bier Yoga is the merging of two great loves…

Melbourne Barbecue Festival 2017 1

Yak Ales Barbecue Festival brings all the meat to Melbourne

If there’s one thing I have learned while living in Melbourne, it’s that Australians take barbeque very seriously.  The Aussie barbie is a national treasure so this Canadian was delighted to have the chance to pay tribute to the cultural…

Twilight Beach Polo Melbourne

The best events in Melbourne in February 2017

Summer is in full swing, which means more events than you can shake a stick at. It’s all happening this month, from sports to craft beer to a party where everyone wears red and eats red food. (Yes, that’s a…

BrewCult Melbourne bar comedy

BrewCult Bar in Brunswick: craft beer and cult comedy

The BrewCult Bar is a trendy new attraction in Brunswick that is quickly pulling in the punters with its delicious array of locally-brewed beers and dedicated social events. After its opening in November, it’s already standing out as one of the…

Heineken Saturday at Royal Croquet Club

Heineken parties are developing a bit of a reputation for themselves. The ‘City Shapers‘ party has my vote for the best event of 2016 in Melbourne, which is no mean feat given how many events The Plus Oners go to….

Melbourne Dumpling Festival: all the dumplings your heart desires

There is always something exciting about a festival, but a Melbourne Dumpling Festival is something you can really look forward to. Some of Melbourne’s best Chinese restaurants hosted a fabulous event with a mixture of eating, drinking, craft, and entertainment…

Pilgrim Talk & Taste: La Sirene Brewing

In Melbourne, locally crafted spirits, beers and wines are as popular as ever, and it makes total sense to be savvy about where they came from and what went into making them. So, on the banks of the Yarra, Pilgrim…

Exclusive party at The Barre with Time Out Melbourne

Need a place for an arty conversation? The Arts Centre Melbourne bar is set up to be your pre, post (and possibly during) show chat. In appropriately-titled The Barre (dance pun!) you can both grab a drink and gander at art….