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The Famous Spiegeltent at Luna Park

When carnival icons combine: Spiegel et Luna

Have you heard the news? The Famous Spiegeltent is doing a 3-week spring season in St Kilda’s Luna Park! These two historic icons are combining for your entertainment. If the Opening Party is anything to go on, this season is…

Particle Wave

Gravitational Waves – Seeing Art in Science

Science and art are colliding like never before. Whereas once seen as distinct and separate disciplines, they are now forming a symbiotic alliance and generating immense creative possibilities for us to enjoy. Like all good trends, this is popping up…

Sleepover Gurlz

Sleepover Gurlz at the Melbourne Fringe Festival

Fringe performances have been known to experiment with interesting spaces as part of creating quirky atmospheres. Some have been set in car parks, some in swimming pools, and some even use the city blocks of Melbourne as a roving setting….

Shift- Hallowed Ground Banner

Hallowed Ground-Australian Women Doctors At War

100 years of war. Many decades of suppression. The Australian women medicos we never knew across a century of war come vividly to life in Carolyn Bock and Helen Hopkin’s superb writing presenting their lives in The Shift Theatre’s Hallowed…

Funny Cow

Film Review: ‘Funny Cow’

You won’t see this punchline coming Sometimes, you’ll be so enthralled by a movie while watching it, you won’t notice how odd it was until the lights come up, the screen dims and you make your way out of the…

Mary Shelley

Film Review: ‘Mary Shelley’

Film Review: ‘Mary Shelley’ Recalls with earnestness and urgency the fascinating life of a towering figure Writer of the most influential science fiction novel of all time, Mary Wollstencraft Godwin Shelley lived a torrid life. Straddling poverty, she shacked up…

Early Arts_Ballarat renaissance

The Courtly Arts Renaissance Dancing with the Bard

On a sunny winter’s Sunday, we sat deep in the heart of a high timber-roofed colonial church and were entertained with music and dance from over 500 years past. In their Dancing With The Bard, the Courtly Arts Performers, comprising…

Bard T The Bone Banner

Bard To The Bone: 2018 Stratford Shakespeare On The River Festival

In Stratford, on the river Avon, three hours east into Gippsland, an annual cultural offering of all things Shakespearean  casts a magic spell in Shakespeare On The River Festival. This regional event has created an enduring arts legacy for the…