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Animal Majeure Boardman

Wild look at first world dramas in Force Majeure’s You Animal, You

At the zenith of civilisation in the early 21st century, we like to think of humanity as polished, ethical, democratic.  Force Majeure in Danielle Micich directed You Animal, You, strives to unveil the subliminal drives within us that predate this surface veneer….

Dance Massive: Lady Example

Lady Example is part contemporary dance, part theatre and part madness. Created and performed by Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden and William McBride with an ensemble of collaborating artists, the show unfolds before the audience as a deranged and curiously imperfect…

Cella Paul White DM19 Samaya

Metaphysical dance spell cast in Cella

As part of Dance Massive 2019 storming Melbourne in March, Arts House show Narelle Benjamin with Paul White in Cella, a work about cellular life. A frisson of flesh and breath, their mystical romp wrap us up in magical, metaphysical…

Dance Massive: Public Actions

Public Actions doesn’t tear down the fourth wall, it shreds it to pieces. When I stepped into Arts House (North Melbourne Town Hall), I didn’t expect to be kicked out of my seat by an avalanche of performers that came…

ABS La Sylpide 2018

Ballet’s newest best stepped up in Australian Ballet School Gala

An annual showcase which launches students from the Australian Ballet School onto premiere stages showed last weeked at Arts Centre Melbourne.  Summer Season 2018- La Sylphide & Other Works rewarded families, friends and fans of the next generation of ballet…