Melt into a Winter Wonderland at The Raclette Igloo

Raclette Igloo Experience at Fed Square Melbourne Raclette is more than just a meal – it’s a social event. Melting Raclette cheese and dropping it on deliciously soft potatoes and charcuterie is a very fine French winter tradition that we can totally get around!

To make things even more cozy, this Winter the Raclette Igloo is popping up at Fed Square in the heart of Melbourne for a delicious experience. Gather your friends and family in your private igloo, feast on raclette cheese, drink mulled wine and enjoy your own cozy fire pit! There’s even a big cow in the French national colours, and a snow machine to make the winter wonderland even more stunning.

Raclette Igloo Experience at Fed Square Melbourne

There’s nothing quite like the combination of melted cheese and mulled wine to warm you up on a cold winter’s day. The rich and savoury flavours of melted cheese pair perfectly with the spiced warmth of mulled wine or nice French white, creating a cozy and indulgent experience that’s hard to resist.

The new experience, which is also coming in the following months to Sydney and Brisbane, is under the bright city lights at the back of Fed Square. Romantic fairy lights keep the warm glow of your igloo feeling cozy as you admire the skyline. It’s easy to start to forget to look out for your melting cheese in your pan.

Raclette Igloo Experience at Fed Square Melbourne

What better way to finish a delicious dining experience than by roasting giant marshmallows to perfection? The warmth and crackle of the fire sets the perfect backdrop for sharing stories and laughter as you tuck into this classic treat.

As you watch the marshmallows turn golden brown and ooze with melted goodness, you’ll be feeling very carefree and content, and dare I say it – ready to brave a little more of Melbourne’s icy winter. 

– The Plus Ones

The Raclette Igloo is open from May 19th to June 11th for groups of up to 8 people per igloo. Book your experience here.

The Raclette Igloo is an accessible venue, igloos maybe partly accessible for wheelchair users.
Photo Credit: Supplied.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of BBR Agency.