Let’s Dance to Joy Division – The Wombats are Back!

In the mid-2000’s I clearly remember waking up every morning, switching on JJJ and The Wombats would be playing. In fact, you couldn’t get away from their catchy brit-pop tracks if you tried (and why would you). They were so much fun. Cut to quite a few years later and I was seeing them perform at what felt like every festival in Australia including Splendour, Falls, Laneway, and Groovin’ The Moo. Its safe to say that The Wombats love touring Australia, and we love them right back.

On Sunday night, my plus one and I were excited to see the English rockers perform live at the beautiful Palais Theatre in St Kilda. The trio were back to Australia with sideshows alongside their festival appearances at Spilt Milk to coincide with their new EP Is This What It Feels Like To Feel Like This?.’

There’s no doubt that audiences still love the guys. As soon as the lights dimmed and they rushed to the stage, the entire theatre was on their feet dancing.

After creating music for over sixteen years, their fanbase for the Melbourne set was very diverse. There seems to be an entire generation of fans discovering their vast catalogue of indie bangers through streaming, then through TikTok following the viral success of Oliver Nelson’s remix of their 2015 hit ‘Greek Tragedy’.
Underpinning it all though is the timeless power of their songwriting, lead singer Murph’s catchy lyrics and an energy on stage that does not stop. Whether your at their gigs for the nostalgia, or listening with fresh ears, it’s clear that The Wombats still have a lot more noise to make.

– The Plus Ones

The Wombats are touring across Australia and headlining the Spilt Milk festival this November & December. Check out their full tour dates and get yourself tickets here.

Photo Credit: Supplied.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited courtesy of Positive Feedback.