Raise A Glass for World Gin Day

What were you up to on the 11th of June, also known as World Gin Day? I was lucky enough to be trying Citadelle’s new gin: Jardin d’été. The story behind the gin is especially romantic. It is inspired by French florals, more specifically a garden cultivated by Debbie Gabriel, wife of Citadelle Founder Alexandre Gabriel. When creating this gin, Alexandre Gabriel wanted it to pay homage to her garden, so that when others would drink it, they would feel as he does when walking through it.

If I could sum the gin up in a word, I would say floral. It uses melon flesh, whole lemon, yuzu zest and orange peel, atop the unique 19 botanical combination used to make Citadelle Original. When combined, it makes a light summery gin, best suited for the warm weather – think spring and summer. Especially lovely when paired with a light tonic. 

Citadelle is known for their iconic French gins and they most definitely delivered with this one. What stood out to me most was the whole lemon. When making gin, it’s customary to distil the peel of the lemon, but using an entire lemon is almost unheard of. Yet Alexandre Gabriel made it work – the flesh, juice and skin of the lemon are all distilled in this unique gin, and you can definitely taste it!

Undoubtedly vibrant and aromatic, I’d recommend this gin as a fun, fresh drink, especially when paired with tonic. When I was sharing it with friends for World Gin Day, it made for a delicious use of an afternoon. 

Happy World Gin Day!

– The Plus Ones

Citadelle products are available where liquor is sold, and their website

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Citadelle.
Photos: supplied.