Easter egg hunts just got a lot more eggciting

Chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies

Sometimes hosting your own event at home with family and friends can be just as exciting as attending a big launch party. That’s why when Melbourne based Koko Black invited us to experience their new Easter range and have our own adult Easter egg hunt at home we got very excited.

First up was something we certainly didn’t expect to find at Easter – an advent calendar! Kids (and let’s be honest, adults) will love to uncover the tiny chocolate bunnies and eggs, hidden behind each secret door. The rabbit warren design and adorable illustrations make this a pretty special experience.

One of our personal favourite Koko Black eggs were these little nutty hazelnut praline eggs with morish milk chocolate, wrapped in a crisp speckled shell. They come in a tiny little egg carton (with your name printed on the label!) and taste so delicious.

The creativity didn’t stop there as the white and milk chocolate coated hot cross bun bites were so addictive and didn’t last in our house very long. What we also found really nice about the new range is their first ever ‘Vegan-Friendly’ collection, with 9 different chocolate types to try including a Quinoa & Goji Berries in 80% Dark Chocolate Egg – surely that’s healthy?!

We love how creative Koko Black’s chocolatiers have been with the new range, and the special attention to detail with each beautifully boxed chocolate will make these a really nice gift for the chocolate lovers in your life. Just don’t forget where you hide them!

– The Plus Ones

Koko Black has stores across across Australia and online. You can check out the full range of Easter treats and order your own on their website.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Example.
Photos: Supplied.