The ultimate DIY ring kit from Magpiette

Christmas is coming up, and what better present to give than that of an experience? Instead of giving your loved one a ring, why not give them the opportunity to make one themselves?

With Magpiette, that’s exactly what you can do. Their silver ring carving DIY kit is the ultimate jewellery DIY kit, containing everything you could need – from sandpaper to a thumb protector – to design and carve your own ring.

Whether you’re getting it as a present for someone else (in which case, lucky them!) or for yourself, it’s well worth it. If silver rings aren’t your style, there are gold options available too: you can choose to add on gold plating or have it cast in solid gold.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test the kit out and to sum it up in one word: wow. Aside from friendship bracelets and year nine metalworking class, I don’t have much experience with jewellery making – especially not when it comes to rings. With Magpiette’s ring carving DIY kit, however, that isn’t a dealbreaker.

As I quickly found out, it’s more about the passion than the experience. To start off with, the kit came quickly and was a delight to open. With a beautiful exterior and a smartly organised interior, the kit makes for an ideal present, even without wrapping paper.

Inside were all the essentials for my ring journey: two wax blanks for my design, a craft knife, sandpaper and a sandpaper file, a thumb protector and a lovely card.

Armed with everything I’d need, I decided to play it safe and watch the video tutorial, in which Spring clearly and kindly took me through every step of the journey. I appreciated how clear and easy it was to follow, and that I could see her doing it on the tutorial. It gave me confidence and made it easier for me to sit down and give it a go myself.

I also appreciated the ring inspiration pics they provided – scrolling through the Pinterest gave me a strong idea of the type of ring I’d like to create for myself. From there, I decided to jump on in. I cleared a space on my table and got to work.

Originally it was daunting, and I worried about cutting off too much wax, but after a while, that feeling settled down and turned into enjoyment. It was nice to take a break and focus on a new and rewarding activity.

When I was done, I had that feeling you get when you finish a jigsaw puzzle: wow, I really did that. Sure, it was slightly frustrating at times, like when I cut off too much wax (Magpiette provides you with two wax blanks for that reason), but ultimately, it was one of the best DIY experiences I’ve had this year.

Now all that’s left is to receive my silver ring back from Magpiette. It’ll feel like a Christmas present from me to me – I can’t wait!

Top tip: to order a ring kit, you’ll have to know your size. No need to worry, however, you can order a free ring sizer from Magpiette, or even assess using their ring size chart. 

– Daniela

Daniela Koulikov is a freelance writer who loves movies, brunch and DIY kits. You can follow her at @danikoul.

To order a ring carving kit for yourself or a loved one, head on over to Magpiette’s website. While you’re there, why not browse their gorgeous collection of rings?

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