Getting Crockd: unwind with pottery

On a rainy Tuesday night, I was brainstorming date night ideas, but coming up empty-handed. It felt like we’d already done everything I could think of – and that was when I came across Crockd. Their DIY Pottery Kit seemed perfect: a way for us to do something new without leaving our house. We ordered it online and waited. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long, although it did feel exciting to be looking forward to something fun and fresh.

We nominated the dining room table as our workbench and covered it with newspaper. Then, at seven p.m., we unpacked the kit. The kit itself was beautiful. The design and interior were refreshingly creative and going through the kit and taking out all the individual elements made it feel like Christmas.

Inside were all the tools, clay and instructions we needed to have fun, but what really stood out was the set of included conversation starters. These days, not a lot is going on, and talking about the news can often dampen the mood. The “Clay Breakers” offered a solution to that, providing questions aiming to elicit conversations to help you really bond with your pottery partner(s). Whilst topics of mental health, anxiety and personal growth can seem intense, having the pottery there helped take the edge off – and as a result, I felt that I learnt a lot about myself and my partner.

Alongside the questions, the pottery was easy to navigate. By providing the instructions in both video and written format, Crockd smoothly guided us through an easy-to-follow way to make a mug, which we used as a jumping off point for our pottery. After making a mug each, we decided to experiment: I made a hedgehog, and he made a dachshund. In full disclosure, they looked quite similar.

With the leftover clay, we made a final mug and called it a night. All that was left was to wait ten days and get our creations fired up at a kiln. Here in Melbourne we’ll be waiting for restrictions to lift so we can tick off that final box, and we’re very much looking forward to it.

From head to toe, the kit and experience are well-designed. The tools are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, the instructions are provided in a way that is beginner-friendly, and the cards help you open up with those around you. We had a great time unwinding and getting creative, and recommend the experience for anyone (not just couples!) looking to decompress with their friends and families.

– Daniela
Daniela Koulikov is a freelance writer who loves to get creative.

There are several different kits available: a two-person kit for $80, a three-person kit for $100, a four-person kit for $120, as well as a kit for larger groups. For more information on their cool products, check out their website.

The Plus Ones were invited guests of Crock’d.
Image credit: Crock’d.