Bottomless Brunch Melbourne

Two Wrongs Brunching with the Stars – The Plus Ones Melbourne

It’s the weekend, the weather is nice, and your friends have news they want to share. Where better to do so than over Bottomless Brunch? We went to Two Wrongs and had the pleasure of eating, drinking and chatting at their ‘Bottomless Brunching with the Stars’ event.

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was the size of the bar. With an array of comfortable seating, alongside both an upstairs and outdoors area, there was plenty of choice as to where to sit. The place was also lushly decorated: huge, colourful candles; flashing neon signs; paintings of women – everything a great bar needs.

Bottomless Brunch Melbourne

After we finished admiring the decorations, we went to the bar and ordered both tacos and drinks. Bottomless Brunch provides you with the opportunity to select three tacos a head and unlimited drinks. Taco-wise, we chose the marinated chicken and grilled market fish, alongside the refried black beans and tofu.

When the tacos came out, we weren’t disappointed. They were delivered on a beautiful, colourful dish and styled thoughtfully – and they tasted just as amazing as they looked. Kudos to the chef, we were especially impressed by the tofu, which was soft, silky and flavourful.

Bottomless Brunch Melbourne

As for the drinks, we ordered the whole lot: an Espresso Martini, Aperol Spritz, Stripper Martini and Mimosa. Whilst all drinks were masterfully made, it was the Espresso and Stripper Martinis that were ordered several more times afterwards. We appreciated the perfect balance of sweetness and alcohol in both drinks and found the presentation similarly appealing.

Alongside drinks and food, we were promised astrological paraphernalia. Whilst there wasn’t anything strikingly Sagittarius themed, there were astrology-themed videos playing above the bar and we were fans of the decorations none-the-less.

No matter which sign you are, you’ll enjoy your time at the Two Wrongs Bottomless Brunch. We certainly did – although that may’ve been thanks to all of the Stripper Martinis we had.

– Daniela
Daniela Koulikov is a freelance writer who loves brunches of all varieties.

Brunching With The Stars runs every weekend. Tickets are available on their website.

The Plus Ones were invited guests of Two Wrongs.
Image credit: Two Wrongs