Underground Cinema: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Underground Cinema’s (UGC) immersive experiences are the type of event that we live for at The Plus Ones. Alternate worlds and immersive spaces where you are a part of the experience.

This iteration of UGC, its final one for the year, was a ‘classics’ session. Usually the team provides you with a theme, dress code and a location the day before an activation. This means that you’re usually in shape for the movie’s theme but the name of the movie remains a secret. A classics sessions however provides the name of the movie in advance, on this occasion, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

I have been incredibly lucky to attend several UGC creations since 2013. This was the first time where I knew the movie in advance and what’s more – I had never actually seen the movie! It left me with a slight dilemma. Do I watch it prior? Or should I go in blind? After much brain racking I opted to experience it sans-movie knowledge.

Entering at the Hotel Windsor we were greeted with splendour. Ballgowns, bowties and ballroom dancers. It really was a beautiful spectacle.

We were also handed appointment times with some of the Hotel’s more colourful guests. After treating ourselves to the Hotel’s very well stocked grazing table and a cheeky wine or two we were due for the appointment. Here the dire situation of our upper crust predicament was explained. The ‘ZZ‘ revolution was coming and we needed new less glamorous identities. Whisked off to a side room a helpful porter (after watching the movie I learned just how helpful a porter can be) gave us new identities and we were beckoned on another adventure to find the man with a yellow coat.

This is one of the things that I love about UGC. There are so many side adventures to be had and mysteries to be solved. Unfortunately we were slightly distracted as on our search for this fella we stumbled across a chocolate fondue fountain.

The UGC team really does a fabulous job at creating unique experiences for guests and bringing a dollop of real awesome to Melbourne’s cultural scene. This is clear from its sellout events across Melbourne and Sydney as well as the enthusiasm that attendees show at the event.

As for whether I would recommend watching the movie before or after, I’m going to maintain neutral ground!

Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Rukmal lives and breathes events. 

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Underground Cinema
Photo credits: Paul Benjamin Photography