Baily & Baily Launch a HUGE new bottle of wine

While brilliant events happen every day in Melbourne and Sydney, sometimes on a cold and wet night you just want to stay home with some great friends for a board game, some tasty food and a glass of wine (or two). To get into the Winter spirit, and to help launch Aussie winemakers Baily & Baily’s brand new 1L bottles, team TPO decided to have a night in with some games, good tunes and snacks.

While we love a drop of something a little bit special, we’re not above buying a bottle that everyone can enjoy. Baily & Baily has added to their everyday easy drinking Silhouette Series which now comes in 1 litre bottles (that’s 33% more wine than usual bottles). Apparently the bottles names and artwork were inspired by Bingo calls like Two Little Ducks, Tickety Boo and Jump & Jive, though perhaps we haven’t played enough bingo lately to remember these calls.

This wine won’t break the bank either (hello more money for snacks), as every bottle in the range is the same price at the old 750ml bottle. If you have very little concept of how many glasses of wine 1L equals, well I can tell you from experience it’s around 9 glasses per bottle. So on a night where you reach peak “event exhaustion” (we’ve been there), consider a night in with some good wine and good friends.

Baily & Baily Silhouette 1Litre wine is now available at BWS, Dan Murphys and other retailers.

Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were gifted this wine from Dialogue PR.