Jeeves Verma

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019: Jeeves Verma – Get Rickshaw Die Trying

Jeeves Verma is back at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2019 with his latest show, Get Rickshaw Die Trying. Held at Tasma Terrace, in a small, intimate room, Jeeves takes his audience on a journey through his childhood and the lessons that have shaped him for impending fatherhood.

As is expected from Jeeves, there are plenty of belly laughs, cultural jokes, graphs to mathematically depict social phenomena and general hilarity. He engages with his audience constantly, involving them in his jokes and tailoring his routine to them.

We hear about all the various disciplining strategies his parents adopted growing up, most of them revolving around the wooden spoon, a stark contrast to the Australian punishments of detention or being grounded. This starts a common theme that runs throughout the show, the differences between an Indian and a western upbringing, and leads to laughs a plenty.

Jeeves ponders the differences between the types of people in the world, classifying them based on the roles they take when singing Happy Birthday to someone, which allows him to launch into a lengthy discourse about character analysis and life choices. The jokes take a slightly darker turn with a story about creepy men in cars, following children and offering them candy, but as usual, there is always a hilarious ending.

As a Sydneysider, who has now braved the Melbourne Comedy Festival crowds for his third year in a row, Jeeves provides laughs galore and is definitely one to see.

– Moni
Moni is of Indian heritage, was born in England, has grown up in Australia and is married to an Italian. As a result, she appreciates all things fusion.

Jeeves Verma – Get Rickshaw Die Trying runs from 26 March to 7 April 2019, 6.45pm (50mins) at Tasma Terrace. Purchase tickets now.
The venue is not accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were guests of MICF and Jeeves Verma.
Image credit: MICF.