Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018: Gameshow of Thrones

Quite literally, winter is coming to Melbourne, and the Gameshow of Thrones seems to be the perfect show for the season. Hosted by comedian and quizmaster Isabella Valetta, the Gameshow of Thrones aims to crown the ultimate house to rule on the Iron Throne. Will House Stark defend their honour against House Lannister, or will House Greyjoy surprise everyone and reign over the nine kingdoms? These are the issues one is faced with in this interactive gameshow.

Each night different comedians represent the houses, and the audience are also split into houses and act as banner men. There are four rounds, which the comedians play, but in true Game of Thrones style, they also have the opportunity to call a raven that will bring them a message, either good news or bad.

The comedians have varying degrees of Game of Thrones knowledge, which adds to the hilarity of the show. Whilst the rounds that involve questions about the TV show are geared for fans, there are also rounds that require interpretive dance, or charades! Audience participation is also encouraged, and banner men can be called upon to represent their house in a challenge.

Gameshow of Thrones is a fun, lively show, for Game of Thrones fans to enjoy. Just make sure you don’t end up a Greyjoy banner man, because nobody wants to be on the same team as Theon!

– Moni
Moni is a mad Game of Thrones fan and really hopes that Tyrion will end up sitting on the Iron Throne.

Gameshow of Thrones runs from 10 April to 22 April 2018 (50mins) at West Space Gallery. Purchase tickets now.
The venue is accessible.

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Image credit: MICF.