Geraldine Quinn – Queen Bitch at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Having been impressed by Geraldine Quinn’s contribution to the ‘All Star Musical Comedy Showcase’ at last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, my +1 and I decided to make sure we caught her individual show this year, ‘Queen Bitch’. I must say that we were not disappointed with our trip to Coopers Malthouse.

Geraldine treated us to an hour’s rendition of her life story and its hilarious dramas. We learned about how a 10 year old’s dreams can shape her future. We learned about the details of her life’s ups and downs, mostly downs. We learned of her personal epiphany about being the only unmarried sibling. We even learned about Melbourne. Did you know there’s a “Noble Park North”? I wondered if she made that up but I checked. It’s real.

It’s hard not to love the life lessons, such as when to dump your psychologist and the best way to act in a crisis. On this journey of discovery, prepare to be pulled through a variety of emotions, from sadness to horror to despair to panic. It was during one of the panicked sections that Geraldine made us laugh so hard we almost cried.

Naturally, some parts were musical, deftly delivered in a variety of styles from rock to ballad to jazz. Whether it was an unorthodox take on Christmas or the scarily evocative ‘Dandenong Hospital Blues’, the songs were original, moving, and, most of all, funny. The tiny orchestra of Xani Kolac on the violin and Roderick Cairns on the guitar did a great job backing up Geraldine’s powerful vocals.

It’s a great night out. If you like dogs, roller skating, dysfunctional families, or Xanadu, there’s something here for you. At some comedy shows, you may want to avoid the front row in order not to be embarrassed, but this isn’t stand-up. At this show, the only danger is physical. I’m sure you’ll be fine. There’s nothing to worry about. Really.

– Craig
When he’s not cashing in frequent flyer miles for first-class international flights, Craig Macbride enjoys exploring Melbourne’s comedy and theatre scenes.

Geraldine Quinn – Queen Bitch runs Tue 10-Sun 15 April, Tue 17 April, Thu 19-Sun 22 April at Coopers Malthouse.
The venue is accessible.

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Image credit: Melbourne International Comedy Festival.