‘How the West Was Improvised’ with Impro Melbourne

Get on the saddle for a captivating romp through the Old West in Impro Melbourne‘s long-form improvised black comedy spectacle, ‘How the West Was Improvised’. The scenes develop organically with players adeptly crafting, responding — and when necessary savagely (and hilariously) ending scenes/characters and themes that have gone past their prime.

Five minutes into the beginning of the performance my friend leaned into me and incredulously asked, ‘Is this really all improvised?’ That’s how impressively natural the construction of scenes, delivery of dialogue and the story development was. I had to assure him that it was entirely unscripted, as evidenced by the inclusion of the word improvised in the title of the show. This is a huge strength of the performance as the unpredictability of the performance heightens the tensions of audience and actors alike.

There is a blend of age and experience in the actors which adds naturally to the diversity of the characters that are portrayed. Patti Stiles, the creator and director of the show says, ‘Westerns never age’, and she’s absolutely right. The theme provides an amazing backdrop for some of Melbourne’s most talented improvisational performers to shine against.  

I couldn’t recommend it more highly for those who enjoy the art form of improvisational theatre.

– Rian
First of his name, Sworn Brother Guarding the Realms of Men, Lord of the First Men and the Free Folk, 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Defender of the Wall.

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‘How the West was Improvised’ returns for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of How the West was Won.
Photo credit: Jenny Lovell.