Workshop Brothers Glen Waverly Melbourne

More than coffee at Workshop Bros Glen Waverley

The brains behind the Workshop Bros are no strangers to hospitality. While coffee-lovers in Melbourne’s CBD may be familiar with the speciality coffee they serve up to tired commuters every day, what you might not know is that Workshop Bros have now hit Glen Waverley. This new chapter has taken it to the next level, with breakfast, lunch, bar and dinner menus available.

Encouraged to order whatever tasty treats we likes from the breakfast and lunch menu, we took a seat at a long table with a number of other foodies from around Melbourne. I started with a green juice; a tangy combination of kale, spinach, lemon, celery and apple. It was the perfect fresh kick to prepare me for the main affair.

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverly Melbourne

The Spicy HK Waffles were a take on the classic chicken and waffle combination, with a cheeky Asian twist. The chicken wings glistened with a sweet, thick sauce and were dotted with sesame seeds for some crunch. The waffles were sweeter than I expected, but beautifully crisp and golden on the outside, and soft and fluffy in the middle. While I would definitely order this dish again, it seemed to be lacking some of the spice promised in the name.

Next was the generous bowl of Pork Me Goreng. With a shiny fried egg balanced on top a mess of noodles, pork belly bits and veges, I could hardly wait to dive in. I am a sucker for noodles, so happily devoured the whole bowl. I would love to experience stronger flavours next time. The slightly dry noodles could have benefited from an extra douse of soy sauce or something else to pack a bit of punch.

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverly Melbourne

The piece de resistance was without a doubt, the Peanutella off the hot drinks menu. A Nutella and peanut butter hot chocolate served in a cocktail glass, with two toasted marshmallows on a toothpick was a homage to the martini that kids and adults can both enjoy. Delicious and so Instagramable.

My next girls’ dinner out will definitely be held at Workshop Bros. The décor is stunning and the food and service will be amazing once the team settles into their new digs.

– Amy Foyster
Amy’s work as a gourmet editor/ journalist is really just an elaborate way for her to excuse the ridiculous amount of eating she does! Whether it be checking out the latest restaurants in Melbourne or cooking up a storm with friends at home, food is central to her life. See more from Amy at

Workshop Bros
97 Kings Way
Glen Waverley VIC 3150

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Workshop Bros.
Image Credit: Fox Digital Lab.