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Poutine at Skipping Girl Takeaway in Abbotsford

Skipping Girl Takeaway in Abbotsford has long been known for their burgers but recently they have added poutine to their menu. Originating in Canada, poutine takes the concept of loaded fries to the next level, and Skipping Girl have added their own twists to the dish.

Triple cooked chips are something that Skipping Girl pride themselves on, so we were keen to try them in the poutine. We met Eyal, the owner who greeted us and exchanged stories. Eyal’s hospitality and passion made us feel confident that we would be in for a good meal.

Skipping Girl has an extensive poutine menu with creative toppings like wagyu beef with blue cheese sauce, or a vegetarian option with fetta, kale and a fried egg. Making a choice was too hard, so we decide to indulge and went for a share plate with four different poutines.


We were able to try the smoky mac’n’cheese, the blu-tine (the one with wagyu beef and blue cheese sauce), the Mexican (fried chicken and jalapeños), and the breakfast poutine — which was the vegetarian option. We were given the gravy separately to tip over the poutine, and as it turned out, the gravy was made in house from scratch and also vegetarian!

Without a doubt, the smoky mac’n’cheese was the winner, closely followed by the blu-tine. The flavours of both toppings were excellent, and as expected, the chips were all that we had hoped they’d be.

It would have been irresponsible of us to leave without trying a milkshake, so we opted for the salted caramel. Needless to say, this was super indulgent but delicious. Salt and sugar make a fabulous combination.

Poutine and milkshakes definitely fall into the cheat meal category, but every now and then one is entitled to indulge. This is a worthy way to break the diet regime!

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Skipping Girl Takeaway
70 William Street
Abbotsford VIC 3207
The venue is wheelchair accessible

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Skipping Girl Takeaway.
Photo credit: Skipping Girl Takeaway.