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Top events in June 2017 in Melbourne: where to go, eat, and party

The mercury is still dropping, the days are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean your social calendar needs to drop off too. We’ve brought together our top picks for what to do this June.

Melbourne International Jazz Festival (2-11 June)

For ten days over 500 Jazz artists from around the world will be converging on Melbourne’s bars, clubs, and venues. Pop on your dancing shoes, or settle in for some easy listening.

Freedom Time at Coburg Velodrome (3 June)

Party lovers get ready for the Velodrome to become the dance floor to be on. If you do find yourself all danced out there will be plenty to keep the night going with art projects, installations and plenty of other happenings.

Games of Rhones Melbourne

Game of Rhones (10 June)

Step back in time, pull out your cloak fit for Winterfell and get down to the Meat Market for some serious wine sampling. Savour the best reds from Australia and New Zealand while indulging in cheeses, meats in an atmosphere fit for an HBO show – hopefully minus the murdering.

The National Celtic Festival (9-12 June)

Find yourself needing to escape the city? Portarlington is going Celtic. Expect music, markets, workshops, and dancing, all with plenty of Celtic spirit.

Wine & Wildlife (10-12 June)

Head up Healesville Sanctuary for a completely relaxed weekend or day out. To support local wineries and wildlife try and buy some wine, food, and beer while getting up close and personal with some adorable (but not always furry) creatures.

Hophaus Sausagefest

SausageFest (11 June)

Mind out of the gutter! It’s not what you think… unless, if what you’re thinking is bratwurst, roasts, ribs, and German beers on tap, then please, carry on.

Emerging Writers’ Festival (14-23 June)

Are you a writer, aspiring writer, or just lover of words? Check out the program for everything from masterclasses to literary performances.

An evening with Dr Jane Goodall (16 June)

Dr. Jane Goodall and guest host Hayden Turner will be talking all things chimps, science, and what it means to be human and possibly monkey around in this special conversation. Open your mind and explore what separates us from the chimps that adopted Dr. Jane Goodall into their tribe back in 1960.

Klezmer & Gypsy Dance (17 June)

Want to learn something new? Know how to make a circle with a group of people? Fantastic! You’re already on your way to learning the steps for simple Klezmer and Gypsy dances.

Babushka Cabaret

Melbourne Cabaret Festival (20 June – 2 July)

Broadway, Cilla Black, Joni Mitchell, Motown and more. With a lineup bringing you music and performance inspired by some of biggest names in music, there is bound to be at least a feather and some sequins over what will be a fun-filled two weeks.

CERES Beautiful Darkness (24 June)

Shortest day of the year got you down? Good news! Not only does it mean sunlight will now slowly be returning, but you can celebrate the festivities the right way with food, music, and a huge fire at CERES.

Zedtown zombie

Zedtown: State of Emergency (24 June)

Zombies, Nerf, and LARPing your style? Then get ready for some real-life zombie shooting. The government is in a state of emergency. Your goal is to survive the outbreak — can you stay alive with just foam darts?

Melbourne Design Market (25 June)

A design market in the car park of Federation Square takes the cake for most Melbourne event this month. Make your way down to explore furniture, fashion, jewellery and more.

Italian Food & Wine Festival (25 June)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Italian food is the solution to everything. Well, Italian food and wine, and this festival has both! Pizza, pasta, sommeliers, it’s fun for the whole family.

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– Lara
Lara would much rather be on a beach with a cocktail at nearly any given moment, though she will settle for just the cocktail.

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