St. Kilda Film Festival 2017: The Plus Ones’ guide to the top five events

The opening of St. Kilda Film Festival will be rolling out the red carpet at the iconic Palais Theatre this Thursday 18 May.  During the jam-packed 10 days, the festival will showcase emerging filmmakers and talent as well as industry professionals on the big screen.  In addition, filmmaking events, screenings of all digital and film sorts will be the buzz of St. Kilda to celebrate local and international talent.

The St. Kilda Film Festival is accredited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as award-winning films from the festival are eligible for consideration for the Short Films Awards and Documentary Short Sections of the Oscars as it is an Academy Award-qualifying event.

Here are the The Plus Ones’ top five picks at St. Kilda Film Festival :

Opening Night – Thursday 18 May
Of course it’s the number one on the list.  The Short Film opening will feature Banana Boy, Fish With Legs, Graham Kennedy: The King of TV, Lime Green As, Pillars, Sociopaths, The Eleven O’Clock and The Khalik Family Kite.

The Big Picture presented by Thomas Chipman – Saturday 20 May
As part of the Filmmaker Development Calendar, for all those lovers of film, aspiring or emerging filmmakers, the St. Kilda Town Hall will hold up to 23 Forums and Workshops for all roles related to film. For screenwriters, directors, DOP’s, producers, film legalities, all the basic know-hows of the short film local industry from script to shoot to distribution.  Have an idea for a short film?  Pop into any of the conversations and events to get your idea into reality.

Australia’s Favourite Web Series – Sunday 21 May
An evening full of Australian drama and comedy web series held at the St. Kilda Town Hall, the screening of Australia’s Favourite Web Series is a certain highlight on the list.  With the evening of popcorn and laughs, the night will showcase digital online series such as Bruce, Dafuq?, Little Acorns, Marvel VS DC: Avengers Battle, No Strings Attached, Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBird, The Agent, The Graceland Happiness Project, The Justice Lease, The Shapes – I’m a Genius.  The night will also join a Q & A session with the creators of the series.

Vimeo Showcase – Sunday 21 May

World Class Cinematography for all.  Be inspired with visual eye candy and film sweetness to the soul.  The evening will screen Australian and international shorts titled, It’s A Date, Say Something Intelligent, Territory, The Bigger Picture, The Procedure, Thunder Road, Whale Valley and When We Were Knights.

Family Session – Saturday 20th May
Short Films for all ages!  A day full of animation, music videos, shorts and webseries this one is for entertainment for adults and the kids.  The session will screen:  A Chicken Is Not A Fruit – Bunny Racket, A Grape Family Adventure, Bright Spots, Doodles, Junction, Ninja Panda, People Vultures, Settle – Wishes, Spaghetti, The Orchestra, The Shapes – I’m A Genius.

– Sheena
Sheena Reyes is an actress, writer and filmmaker.  Follow her on Instagram: @sheenareyes

The St. Kilda Film Festival runs 18– 27 May 2017. Purchase tickets now.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of iD Collective.
Image credit: St. Kilda Film Festival.